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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How an HBO series and a handful of brass parts become jewelry.

I was watching the  marathon of True Blood just before the new season debuted and a package from www.bsueboutiques.com arrived. In it were seven little  brass bowls about an inch across. As I was watching the shows one after the other and looking at these bowls an idea surfaced in my mind. I like theme jewelry. Its fun to pretend a piece has magical properties...take a steampunk time machine necklace as an example...it really doesn't takes us forward or backward in time but it is like a license to dream.
This piece is created along those same lines and will be part of a series of 3-5 rings with blood and white body parts as a unifying theme. Sort of vampire chic meets steampunk...The construction is simple...rivet the bowl to the ring and fill with  Ice Resin into which is added Pearlx Super Copper and scarlet oil paint. The result is a sparkly red with copper highlights...a good stand-in for vampire blood. And since some vampires are alabaster white a ceramic dolls arm is set in the center. Seen up close the bowl is set at an angle to appear as if tipping over and the blood is cast to another angle and appears to be sloshing out. The arm seems to reach up as if emerging from the blood.
The next installment may have a bowl of skulls or a face emerging from the blood...we will revisit this as the story of the Blood Bowl Rings continues.

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