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Monday, July 21, 2014

Book Review Jewelry For All Seasons by Linzi Alford

 I buy a lot of books. Some I read once lightly and others get a lot of use. This wonderful book by Linzi Alford fits in the well used category.  She is a talented jewelry maker and writer living in the Lakes District in England. Her observations of the flowers and trees and all of nature has inspired her to photograph natural scenes. These have informed her jewelry making.  The designs are fresh and original.  And Linzi explains in detail how to create 24 bead and wire pieces.
 The illustrations are clear and well photographed. Simple enough to follow even without the well written text that accompanies the pictures.
 Original art pieces are photographed as if they were part of the surrounding landscape.
 And explanations follow that will enable anyone to follow along and recreate or grow originals from the wonderful directions.
 The printing in the entire book is top notch and really is good enough to hold my eye as art.
One can almost feel the temperature drop when this page is turned. There are countless books to gather, but this one holds treasure, visual, literary and artistic. The book is available through
ISBN 978-1-86108-956-4

It is a bargain at any price. And the book will feed your eye and creative soul for a long time.