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Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot here in the middle of the country.

This is a piece I call Summer Love . It comes from my college days when I was between a 5 year old relationship with a young lady I expected to marry and a non realised relationship with another young lady I fell for after the breakup. That summer was hot like this one. We were taking a sculpture course with outdoor exhibitions and I asked a classmate to be part of my one day sculpture...we were making temporary large scale sculptures from found objects and displaying them one a week for one day on the quad. Then they were destroyed. Mine was a foam rubber mattress from the Goodwill cut into the shape of a piece of toast. With a square plastic inflated yellow pillow for butter it was called Breakfast in bed. While I had high hopes she had a different idea...from me hearts and flowers and in the end she like the raku doll on this piece ran into the sunset. The metals represent the heat of summer with the sun shining down on the clock that spun too fast.  Ah well the summer of 69 is what fed the image on the pendant. I put it up for sale at Etsy www.oscarcrow.etsy.com this morning.

This is a German head from about 1860 painted with a bronze metallic surfacer and given a blue patina. This material seems to work best on semi porous surfaces like this bisque head. Immediately after painting you spray with the activator and the blue/green develops. If you wait too long the reaction is minimal. Spray while its fully wet and it will turn solid blue or green. I may repaint this one to get a better color.

These are some of the littlest dolls ready to go up to Etsy tonight barely 1 inch tall, there were 50 in this batch.

I have been listing so many parts I almost forgot to put together a full doll. This is a partially frozen Charly...his arms and legs will need to be wired on. He goes to the shop as well.
I am still waiting for MLSJEWEL to contact me about the spoon...if you know this person tell them to get to me.

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