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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A New Bowl of Blood Ring and spoons for jewelry.

Here is one of the broken dolls emerging from the red surface in the bowl. Or is she sinking in?

In this shot you can see the bowl is tipped by off setting the rivet hole to one side. This plays balance against tension...we expect the bowl to be level creating a kind of action in a static piece. Its almost as if the doll is rocking the bowl as she emerges. Perhaps the next one will be a pair of feet sticking up as if the person had just dived into the bowl. A little like a magicians trick, caught in stop motion or a frame from a film.

I was cleaning my work room and came across some spoons that were purchased for making rings...a long time ago..kind of gives away my age when you think of it...I was about 25 when the spoon rings were in vogue. Now that I have shuffled these around for so long and not cut them apart...I find it getting harder to destroy the silversmiths art for my own...my contribution to this lovely would be to cut away the bowl and bend the stem into a ring. While it would be pretty I think someone may value the spoon for its complete form.

The flower is very pretty and the leaf is also well done.  Perhaps before I sell it I will make a mold...or ?

This one has a Native American and corn and a canoe with paddle... and one other has English hall marks before 1895.another has lilies of the valley up the handle..Even though they are sterling I'm torn between re-purposing and preserving them. Let me know what you think...spoon or jewelry?  In fact lets make it a contest...post a response here for 1 week and next Wednesday I will draw a name from the responders and send that person their choice a flower spoon or a ring made from it.


  1. I love the ring it looks really cool. The spoons are beautiful are you going to offer them in your shop?

  2. I think you should make a mold of your spoons and then leave them like they are. I wouldn't want to make it in a ring as they took alot of time to make also and there are a lot of spoon collectors out there.

  3. I think the spoons should be left as is, too! They are beautiful...I hate to see perfectly lovely and collectible things taken apart or broken to make into new things. Mold the spoons and make jewelry from the molds :)

  4. They are beautiful, with such detail, they will be around a lot longer as jewelry and admired my so many more people, not stuck in a box in the workshop. The blood ring is amazing, can't wait to see the feet, that should be cool.

  5. Hi Harry!

    Would you be doing lost wax casting with the sterling? Just had two pieces done with lost wax method and the integrity was phenom, but you'd have to make more than just one mold.

    I am for molding the design and then keeping the spoons intact right now. If spoon rings are ever on the rise, maybe then, but it would be a shame to ruin the integrity of the piece when it does have the useable repousse! My 2 cents.

  6. Keep them as spoons, but make molds from them. they are just to pretty to destroy for jewelry.
    this way you can have the best of both worlds. I always like to see what you come up with!!!!

  7. The spoons are so lovely especially that one with the flower with the stem going down the handle. It would be nice to preserve them in a collection or maybe use them in a way where they are not changed, maybe just bent.

  8. So how did you get the red resin? Put paint in it?