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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I have had an exciting year with many challenges
One of the best activities I have been involved with is the Bsueboutiques group on face book.
By participating each week in 2 show and tell sessions, Work Table Wednesday and Finished up Friday, I have filled my shop with jewelry.     

The pair of earrings above is an example of recent design work. These are meant to resemble Victorian jewelry. 
Made with modern elements I have achieved a slightly historic look. These still need some changes, primarily in changing jump rings to match in color.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Finding beauty in left over pieces of jewelry components

 These are watch backs from Bsueboutiques.com
About an inch in diameter I bought some for creative purposes. When they arrived my first thought was to make one into a bracelet.
 Leftover bits of rolo chain and a clasp with a few jump rings complete the basics.
 This beautiful ceramic rose fits perfectly into the watch back.
 This makes an attractive combination.
 Holes were punched through the watch back to accommodate the jump ring.
 The jump rings make a smooth transition to the chain.
 E-6000 glue will make a strong bond between the roses and the metal.
All finished with a lobster claw and a jump ring to accept it. A quick project and a nice result. Re-purposing old parts works.