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Friday, December 6, 2013

Repurposing with 2 part silicone putty

I recently acquired this metal necklace and liked some of the imagery. I could re-purpose it by cutting up the necklace. Or by copying some elements with 2 part silicone mold putty.
There are many brands on the market that all work the same. I have this brand on hand today so it is the one I used. It comes in two containers.
One is purple the other white. Start by measuring out about the same amount and making a ball .
Mix quickly about 1 minute until the color is uniform.
Place enough to cover the piece to be copied over the item and press firmly. If you plan to cast in liquid resin you will want to put the putty down first on a flat surface and press the item into it. I work in clay so a thinner application will work.
Buttons are perfect to duplicate. I had mixed more than necessary so I pressed this button into the remaining putty.
Let the putty sit for 30 minutes at least and you will have a good mold.
These are ready to work with. If you will be using them for resin it is best to allow overnight curing to allow for out gassing of volatile compounds. For PMC a little brush of olive oil will make release of the copy very easy. If you plan to use polymer clay make a thicker mold that will hold its shape under the stiffer clay.