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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Empty cup chain jewelry, quick road to bling.

 What you see here is manufactured empty cup chain jewelry. On the left is a piece called Empty Large Statement Necklace it is in silver ox and uses 2-14mm rivoli stones,1-18 mm rivoli, 2-18x13 octagon stones and 2- 20x15mm octagons, and an oval 25x18 . The gold plated bracelet has room for 128.5mm round rhinestone and a 12mm square. Just think of all the different combinations you could invent with these.
 The 18mm rivoli is a deep blue and I have many other colors to pick from. to fill in the remaining spaces. Almost instant bling.
I filled in a few stones in the bracelet with clear crystal. The center is called Blue Shade. These are easy to mount. Just push over opposing prongs with a pusher or like I do with a 1/4 inch square wood stick. If you slip soft wood does not hurt the glass. The nice thing is you can play with colors without mounting any, just set the stones in place. The quality is good and the price can be what you choose, as you source the rhinestones in this case 39ss or 8.5mm. When the other stones come in I will finalize the color design and post the designs for you to see. Average time to assemble the bracelet is 8 minutes. A bit less for the necklace.
Empty cup chain jewelry is fun to work with. Ends and clasps are usually included. Give it a try you wont be disappointed.