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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Art Deco Cat Earrings

 This is a simple way to create multiple shapes in metal. I start with my original sketch of an art deco cat design and a piece of 26gauge Nugold or jewelers bronze.

Next cut out enough metal for 2 pieces
 Apply double stick carpet tape to one piece and peel the backing then firmly press the two pieces together.

This step is critical..stick the drawing down with enough room to cut all around using the double stick tape

 Once that is accomplished get your saw frame and saw lube. Make sure you have a very fine blade and lube it well.

Carefully cut out the shape . I like to start with outside curves and keeping the saw frame vertical you can follow the lines very smoothly. The result should look like this next shot. At this point I like to file the edges to make sure the curves are smooth and the outer edges are not snagging

Using a bench knife  cut through the tape without bending the metal. 
Finally we have a pair of cats ready for finishing. I imagine I will punch a hole in the tail for earring hooks. Then add patina...check back for the result.