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Thursday, July 12, 2012

After the crash...steampunk thinking.

A smaller foot print but more user friendly this bench has forced me to become a little more organised.

This side has my foldforming station and storage

I have not organised this corner yet. It will house the pickle and ultrasonic cleaner. The old buffer and grinder will move somewhere else.

This is the first project on the new bench. It is an opthamoligists phoropter. Those of us with glasses know what this does...I took it all apart. Why would I do that? Well its a steampunk tradition to reuse quality optical and mechanical devises to create the accessories that go with the jewelry and costumes. I saw this and immediately thought of goggles. I ordered some eyeglass frames and a pair of vintage safety glasses.

These stylish tortoiseshell round frames will get brass trimmed or wire wrapped tubes installed.

Here are some possible additions.

These old safety glasses will receive some attention as well.

This is a cover from one side of the machine and it is ready for decoration. You might ask what makes it steampunk? Well its the vintage enamel that give a great contrast with the various colors of metal.

This is the piece from the opposite side all decked out with mixed metals, fake gears and a mainspring cover behind the sun face. This was all glued together with E-6000 glue. I hope the rest of the pieces find as interesting and saleable use. My pieces often start with a strong background and through trial and error fitting grow into a finished statement. Some are sketched and others just seem to grow.