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Monday, July 25, 2011

Any one need an arm or a leg ? Update on the Spoons.

My most recent shipment from Germany had lots of arms and legs. Some little ones about 1.25 inches long up to 3.5 inch in arms and legs varied as much. What to do with such treasures? Well of course I will sell them to others but for my self, I will pick some of the best to use for beads. Also for multi-media constructions. And of course that next bowl of blood ring will get a pair of legs...

This is a set of 12 pair plus one in the 1.25 inch size headed to Etsy next. I scanned a piece of 1/4 inch graph paper and printed the grid on charcoal card stock for a good toned background that can give a hint of size.  That often helps when selling supplies.

A typical pair up close. The wire hole in the shoulder is large enough for cord or ribbon up to 1mm. Perhaps a bird head in dark brass and this pair on a necklace? With a few bright red glass pearls?

Some 2 inch legs with shoes. For jewelry use I might recommend a bead cap over the top to both protect and to support the leg.

Now to the spoons...most responders have said keep the spoons intact with one dissenting vote. Wednesday at midnight(or really Thursday AM) I will put every ones name in a box and have my wife select the winner. This is an American sterling silver in a lily of the valley pattern.

This spoon is much older , from Great Britain, Birmingham, England according to the hallmarks...right facing lion and anchor plus a year mark that looks like a g It also has .950 silver?

This last one has the Native American markings and a Steel Pier engraving. I've decided even this early to send these to my shop on Etsy.  Someone else can be the steward of the silver...if they don't melt it for cash...probably they wont do that for less than 5 dollars...that's all a local "gold"buyer offered...I think most of these gold guys are ripoffs...or geniuses. Thursday's blog will have the winner of the flower spoon.

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  1. I hope it's not too late to enter your giveaway, Harry! I'm diggin' the Lily of the Valley spoon. I grow that flower in my garden and look forward to it's fragrance each spring!