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Monday, June 10, 2013

Quick Earrings

 These few components can be assembled into many different forms. My decision is to make earrings with Czech glass chiquitas. Chiquitas come in many colors, these are rainbow AB depending on the light they may appear as red or yellow centers on blue or green backgrounds. In addition to the glass we need two 3 inch ball head pins, two sterling ear hooks, and two dragonfly connectors.
 First step is to put the ball headpin through the bead leaving the ball on the outside.
 Next we insert the pin into the lower connector loop.
 Then begin to wrap the wire tightly and neatly up the tail of the dragonfly.
 Wind the wire pin as high as you wish but at least 5-6 wraps.
 Next clip off the tail of the pin close to the coil and then wrap the end close with flat nose pliers.
 Using the same flat nose pliers open the earring wire with a sideways twist.
 Insert the loop into the top eye on the dragonfly and close with the pliers.
Here are the result needing only a bit of tightening of the connections and wraps. This same style can be adapted to other connectors and beads.