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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Painting a metal flower

 This big raw brass flower has good bones, but needs a little more flavor.
 Paints and inks can add color while opalescent powders can add sparkle. Combining them is easy and can be fun if you are just a bit relaxed with technique. In art this is called a painterly approach.
 I started with a Ranger Patina in a deep green.
 Brush up the center to simulate the rib and then move out from the rib as the petals would grow.
 I next added a gold translucent paint to blend the darker color.
 This leaves a base to build on.
 Now a red orange was added .
 That again blended in stripes.
 More back and forth.
 As the richness of the surface builds I begin to use lighter and more transparent layers.
 Blending out all this in wet layers leaving streaks.
 Pearl powders added and blended then heat treated and its ready for a coat of lacquer to seal the surface.
 I picked out a domed glass bead and copper colored crown mount to cover the center. E-6000 was added to hold the mount and stone.
 A chain with lobster clasp to finish it up.
And this is the final result. Don't take this as a masterpiece, just a direction to guide your experiments. And most of all have fun.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Helping others is a good thing to do. In this case it can help you as well.  A dear friend and fellow artist  Emmanuelle RouĂ© from CreationsAsh  
is having a sale in her Etsy shop

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Welcome to my shop, Creations Ash!

Please come in and take a look around. You will find a variety of styles here as I do not design in simply one genre. I do a lot of mixed media jewelry because I love to create. You will also find Victorian jewelry, jewelry from the Romantic era, Noir jewelry, Steam punk pieces, Goth influenced jewelry, and others. Everything I make is designed and created by me. That means you will receive an artisan designed jewelry piece that is one of a kind. I don't limit myself to one style because, when I create, I go where my imagination takes me. I have the best job in the world because I always allow myself to create freely, and I believe it shows in my work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to convo me, I will not only be happy to help you; I will be happy to hear from you!

In the event you would like a piece you do not see in the shop, I do custom work for my clients. I can personalize your dream piece of jewelry just for you. It will become a family heirloom! Again, all you have to do is contact me (convo me) and we can discuss what you would like, the colors and metals you prefer, and so on. It is a very simple process that results in stunning results. :)

Always remember we offer - FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE - on everything in the shop. This is a courtesy to our clients.