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Monday, November 11, 2013

Heart Strings attached.

 When making components like these two hearts there is always the question of how to attach the piece to a chain or other structure like a filigree or stamping. The raku heart has holes formed into the sides to wire it to something. With this metal heart I did not want to just punch a hole marring the textures that I worked so hard to achieve.
 The solution is a simple one involving a square or round wire and looping pliers.
 Placing the wire into the jaws at the base I pulled the wire around to form a loop.
 The wire was then straightened so it will lie flat on the heart.
 I chose to leave the loop unclosed to add jump rings later.
 Using a third hand, that is a pair of fire tweezers locked into a base, I placed the loop against the heart. Using flux free copper solder in wire form I brought in the torch and heated the mass of the heart to red and the solder flowed along the wire loop. Repeat this for the second loop.
 The whole needs to be pickled for a while then the solder cleaned up a bit. Next I polished the heart and using Swellegant Darkening Fluid turned the bright bronze heart to a deep dark green. I polished back the highlights with a Sunshine cloth and finally sprayed the surface with a matte acrylic spray.
This heart is ready for adding a chain which will rise from behind giving the illusion of  the heart floating on the chain.

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  1. Like the fact you used the wire solder -- my favorite.