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Sunday, November 17, 2013

An Egyptian Themed Ring

 This combination of parts has been rolling around on my work top for a while. This morning they got close enough to be recognized as a ring. The flying scarab is formed and curved but in a way that would make a weak point if a mounting is riveted to the top.
 I annealed the piece with the torch and then pounded the wings with a ball peen hammer.
Next I used a dapping block and punch to deepen the curve to match the profile of the crown mount. After getting them to match I punched a 3/32 hole through each.
 The next step is to use E-6000 glue to strengthen the joint with a tube rivet or eyelet.
 Put a good amount of glue on the top of the ring and push the eyelet through.
 Next add the bug and more glue.
Add enough glue to grab the back of the crown mount wherever it hits the bug.
 Stacked all together and riveted part way to grab the parts. Then fine tune the alignment between the shank, center part and the mount. Then finish the rivet to full tightness.
 Here is the final look with the red glass stone mounted.
Finally the ring is ready for sale. It looks as if the beetle is about to take off with the gem on its back.


  1. WOW!! Stunning. And thank you so much for showing us your process. Very clever indeed.
    And, I love how the pieces just happened to "come close enough to be recognized" - :-) I guess they decided it was time to tell you what they wanted to be.

  2. Looks easy enough :) thank you for sharing!

  3. Amazing work Harry, I love it :)

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