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Thursday, September 12, 2013

A simple necklace made easily A Framed Skull

 This project started like most of mine with a sweep through the junk on my bench. I found a vintage brass frame that fit a recent silver frame and connected those with the prongs on the brass piece. Simply folding down the top two the inserting the silver frame and folding down the bottom ones. I knew I would want a background to set the focal on. Bronze sheet called NuGold was the right gauge 26 and a good color. In order to make a good fit I resorted to the dividers.
 Setting them to the width of the silver frame on the back of the piece.
This then was transferred to the bronze sheet by running the points along one straight edge while scratching the sheet with the other point.

 You can see the marks where I slipped off course before getting a good score. No problem because this will get textured.
 The same procedure is used to size the length.
 Again marking along the edge.
 Shears were used to cut the sheet and to clip the corners of the piece.
 A reasonable fit. Not too concerned about perfect at this point because the next step is texturing with a hammer. That will spread out the metal and it will get trimmed again before setting with E-6000 glue.
 Nice texture from a special pattern hammer and its ready to glue into place. The focal for this frame is a silver skull which has had its crossed bones removed with a jewelers saw. Next a bead was glued into the back of the head to give a good mounting point. Glue was then added to the bead and the skull set in place.
The finished piece has a large jump ring and a rollo necklace from Bsueboutiques
and the inner frame and skull from Vintage Jewelry Supplies. The outer frame was from Ebay

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