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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Simple Beginnings A Ring From 2 Beads And A Wire

The color of the two focals is the inspiration for this ring.  The butter cream Miriam Haskell half drilled pearl sets off the caramel of the handmade glass disk. The wire is 16 gauge round Argentium silver
The first step is to put a right angle bend in the wire and start to form a spiral around the upright.
Next fit the bottom focal and make sure there is more than enough wire to hold the second.
Place the coil on top of the mandrel about 3/4 of a size smaller than your finished size.
Pull the wire around the mandrel and past the coil. Next lift the coil and slide the wire under the middle near to the other wire.
Pass the wire around the mandrel and bring it up to the top. Cut it off at the edge of the coil. Then tuck it in to lie next to the other shank wire.
Place the ring onto a fire brick or soldering block and add a bit of solder then hit it with the torch bringing the metal to a cherry red and the silver will flow where it touches.  After the metal fuses and the solder flows we will need to cool the ring and place it on the ring mandrel to finish forming.
Here you can see the coil is fused and the piece is ready for finishing. I gave it a light buff and put it into the tumbler for 3 hours. At the end of that time the pin was filed down and trimmed to fit the two focal pieces. E-6000 glue was added to the coil and the glass was placed then glue on the bottom of the pearl and it slid onto the post and allowed to set.
A simple warm colored ring is the result.
Glue was cleaned off where ever it showed.
The finished product ready for sale at Oscarcrow at Etsy.com


  1. That's really cool, Harry! Wonderfully clear step by step. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love this ring tutorial....I think I may make some of these. I have some nice flat disk and saucer beads that will work well here. Thank you Harry, for always being so generous with your knowledge.

  3. I left a comment on your last post, but am loving your blog even more. mens diamond jewelry

  4. Curious Harry...How did you go about measuring how much wire you needed?

  5. I plan for a particular size by wrapping the wire around my ring mandrel.