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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Simple ring riveted construction

 Todays project begins with the elements and one tool. The BeadSmith EZ-Rivet tool is used to punch a hole in the top center of the ring shank. To do this, place the ring in the jaws and center the punch on the desired point. Tighten the screw handle until it pushes through the metal.
 Looking closely at the rivet you may see that I have used some E-6000 glue. Not really a case of belt and suspenders, but an aid to keeping all the parts aligned when riveting.
 After placing the components on the rivet, allow it to set up for 45 seconds. This will make it stay in place for the riveting. I don't show the riveting here but it works thee same as the punch. put the assembly into the jaw and center the rivet forming end on the top of the rivet. Turn the handle and form the head.
 You can see the fine result here, no messy hammer work, no balancing act while you strike with the hammer, just center, turn and done. A strong professional looking join. Yes it will get covered, but you can take pride in knowing it is right, even underneath the focal which in this case is an eye ball. The glass eye from Van Dykes Taxidermy is hollow on the back and is set with a small amount of E-6000
And the finished ring is ready for cleanup to remove the glue residues.  I chose a spring barrel from a pocket watch but you could use any combination of bezel and focals that please you.


  1. Thank you Awesome and easy to understand!

  2. I love this Harry and the Van Dyke eyes rock, I go there to!

  3. This ring looks creepy but at the same time it is pretty cool. It is creepy because the eyes seem so real. It is kind of watching my every move.