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Monday, October 3, 2011

Fairy pendant and a repair lesson

I showed the beginnings of this a while back. It took some contemplation to resolve the edge issues and find the silver vine. To recap it is an original charlotte with cicada wings and a brass bezel mounted to a forged copper disk. The wings are set in resin as is the charlotte.

I acquired a few hundred more dolls and as some are in need of repair, I wanted to share an easy method with you. This little fellow is dressed in his dads clothing but the hat's brim is broken. What to do?

Apoxie sculpt is a great solution for this type of repair and for lots of jewelry use. It is a 2 part epoxy resin in stiff clay form. Mixing equal parts will get a very sticky material that can bond many things.

Here you can see the 2 parts are different colored.

And after a thorough mixing they become a single color and are ready to use. The mix reacts chemically to harden after 3-4 hours.

Here the hat has been filled in and shaped.

And here the whole piece is seen with the repaired hat brim. After it completely hardens I will sand the surface to blend the edges into the ceramic and then it will all go into a mold for reproduction.

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Remember to sign up for the Sari Ribbon Blog Hop coming soon...I have to get my sari project finished. I had one but my daughter had a birthday this weekend and she got that one..a cuff with three ceramic pumpkins surrounded by matching orange sari ribbon.

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