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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ideas from underground grow into art.

This little putti figure caught my eye in an Ebay auction. It was one part of 200 pieces of broken dolls and other ceramics. After winning the bid and receiving the shipment it was difficult to photograph much else in the boxes because I kept being drawn back to this piece.

Although it is broken, the form excites my brain. When I saw the wings were complete I knew I had to reproduce them in ceramics. Using the two part silicone molding compound I copied the inner surface and made a casting of each wing.

I have been making these little skulls every day and finding lots to work with in changing the colors and textures of the glazes. While sleeping  I dreamed of one of these little skulls flying around like a hummingbird...

And this was the result. It is about an inch and a half wide and an inch tall. The photo doesn't really do justice to the colors of shimmery copper,blue and green on the head.  It is a bead drilled for hanging from top to bottom. I will make a few of these and I think I will make a necklace with the form of a rosary with this at the center of the y.

As i have been making Halloween items here is a pumpkin ring.

And a grinning skull ring. all these will be available at my shop later today.
Next time we will explore some restoration techniques with ceramic figures..That shipment from Germany has lots of unusual figures to work with.

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