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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Copper wire wrapped bracelet demo and a fall cuff in mixed metals.

Looking over the dragons  I decided to make the connection as a collar.

Using the ring bending pliers I made a tight loop on the end of the wire and slid the long end through the stamping. Then using bail making pliers I rolled in from the end a tight spiral and finally put a twist so the spiral would lay flat.

Duplicating that on the other side gives a nice balance.

on the under side I used the nylon jaw pliers to fold the ends over and finished with a light tap with a planishing hammer's ball end. This locks the wire to the stamping.

The shape of this spiral is common in ancient designs on pottery and often represents a wave.

Here is the completed bracelet with a copper toggle and hoop. Because I started with dead soft wire it is easy to customize the length by rolling tighter on the spirals to shorten the bracelet.

Another view showing the simple attachment to the toggle. No jump rings here just wire. Now I have to give credit for the inspiration to http://www.interweavestore.com/Jewelry-Making/Projects/Linked-Spirals-Bracelet.html?SessionThemeID=20&a=jp111018 I am a subscriber to their email daily and this is the design that made me want to make this. I did not download the article just looked at the picture and went from there.

I have also been making a fall cuff with components from http://www.bsueboutiques.com/  Using the 5 inch filigree over a plain cuff and wiring and gluing on the leaves and bird this fall cuff has emerged.

I bent the 5 inch filigree to match the cuff then punched holes through both and riveted on the filigree. The leaves were buffed with a sunshine cloth and and the stems bent around openings in the filigree then copious amounts of E-6000 was applied to fasten the leaves.

The bird was also glued down and the leaves bent to match the cuff and to act as prongs over the bird. Both of these will be available through my shop www.oscarcrow.etsy.com Please come take a look at them and all the new dolls up recently.


  1. LOVE that cuff Harry...nice work as always! ;o)

  2. Very nice. 'Like how you managed to incorporate the wire into the dragon seamlessly.

  3. Both bracelets are gorgeous. The copper wire bracelet incorporates such beautiful techniques that highlight the copper color. Thank you for sharing!

  4. So nicely done Harry! Your work is always so unique and well made. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog very much!

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