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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The series of rings I call the Bowl of Blood are finished. This one looks as if its waving goodbye. I was inspired by the watching of a whole season of True Blood on one weekend this spring before the start of the new season. And now as the season is about to end this coming Sunday..I have run out of bowls. So its time to show you the set and send them off to Etsy for hopefully some new homes.

This little lady inspired me to add a small trim ring under the bowl.

This one seems to be sinking or rising from the blood.

The final piece is my favorite its just as weird as the rest...but something about a bare foot and chubby leg resting in a bowl of blood just tickles me.

Because my life and art are constantly changing and evolving I decided it was time to add some ceramics to the techniques available. I am working with a small electric kiln called a firefly. Its capable of high fire or low in ceramic as well as PMC. So expect to see me fumble along creating in these new media. First up is a series of houses in raku. This little neighborhood is only an inch across the base. It will be glazed and re fired today along with some very nice faces and a heart.

Here is the other view. I also am going to be working up a slip mold for my favorite doll heads and making my own "German style" repros in raku with hopefully metallic glazes. More to follow. Check back later Thursday and I will share what comes out of the kiln.


  1. Not a big fan of "True Blood," but I love all of these. My favorite is the head emerging (that's how I see it!)