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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wire Heart-wrought iron style in copper

 I was at a cemetery recently and was fascinated by the wrought iron gates. The patterns reminded me of a heart and when I opened my wire box today I saw some square copper wire in two different sizes,10 gauge and 12 gauge. I also picked out some square silver filled and gold filled in smaller sizes. Using the pliers shown her I put some spirals on the ends after annealing the copper which is quite stiff.
The large size copper bent more smoothly than the silver and gold filled.

I textured the wire with hammers and then flattened it and ground some surface texture in with a diamond wheel.

Here the textures are easier to see. I textured the edge of the smaller 12 gauge and the face of the larger 10 gauge.

Next the wire pieces were sprayed with a patina generating solution and left to change. Then some 22 gauge wire in half round half hard gold filled was used to bind the upper sections together.

 The bottom was bound as well with the half round wire.
Using ring bending pliers a large jump ring is made from 12 gauge wire after annealing.

 Holding the jump ring in a ring clamp makes filing the ends of the ring a snap. This is a must have tool for working with rings and wire.
And here is the final result with a rollo chain in brass ox from www.bsueboutiques.com
The heart will be listed at my shop www.oscarcrow.etsy.com


  1. I love the way it is off kilter a bit and the patina too!

  2. this is a great looking necklace. Harry, thanks for generously sharing your techniques, too!

  3. Very nice heart Harry! What kind of patina is this? Did you make it?

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