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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Simple wire wrapped ring...5 minutes to make.

Start with about 18 inches of your favorite wire. I am using 16 gauge copper rose gold colored craft wire from http://www.wire-sculpture.com/16-gauge-silver-plated-copper-craft-wire . This seems half hard...I will use dead soft on my next one. Wrap it around your ring mandrel a little smaller than your desired final size leaving equal amounts on each end. Grip the wire close to the mandrel and bend up at a right angle on each side.

If you measure the distance between the holes in your focal...in this case a raku button by www.wondrousstrange.etsy.com and wrap your wire to match the approximate width the button  will slide directly onto the band and rest properly. 

Make a bend at equal distances above the surface of the focal and cut the wire with your side cutters.

Then curl up the wire into a fern frond like spiral. Since I used 16 ga half hard wire this was a bit tough and the marks from the pliers show.

When you curl the second piece..other patterns are ok..make it your way; make sure the spiral goes in the opposite direction.

Then carefully flatten the coils to the surface. This is where I discovered why dead soft wire would be best. A better spiral or other pattern could be made with soft wire.
All that's left to do is wear it.


  1. You would not think it is this simple when you look at this beautiful ring. You have done a great job 'demystifying' this :)

  2. be careful for tool marks, other then that great ring ☺.

  3. Why do you start off smaller? I would understand if the ring were to be hammered /stretched as I do on my wraps. I don't understand the purpose here. The result is interesting. I don't have raku buttons, so my try at this will use polymer clay that can be heated as a unit.

  4. Brilliant! I can't wait to try this 😊😊💜