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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heart Necklace finished and a wire necklace with Raku

As I was trying to find time to finish this necklace...life reared its busy head and kept my creativity worn out. Last week we moved one daughter back to school. Out of one apartment into storage then into another apartment all in another city. Then this week cataract surgery for my wife....all the trips to doctors,clinics,surgery and recovery...all I had to do was sit and read a book...but it wears. I took my sketch pad and drew designs for the necklace. The first attempt had a screw eye on the lower lobe of the heart. This was hanging on a rack where one of my three cats could swipe a paw and knock the heart off the screw eye. So I took some 16 ga silver filled wire and rolled up a simple bail and epoxied it in place.

To keep the mixed color/metal look going but in check I added some large rings in copper and bronze. Some double link copper chain and a toggle completed this piece.
I had originally though I would make a silver link necklace for the heart, but it became too busy for the design of the heart. I kept the side pieces and added a beautiful raku orb from my friend www.wondrousstrange.etsy.com and this is the result. 

A few silver components and a new piece was born. Its all headed to my shop on etsy. www.oscarcrow.etsy.com
Please come take a look at all the new items. Over a thousand doll parts are being shipped from Germany...I cant wait to share. The postman left the first box a few minutes ago...legs..how about next time we make a simple necklace with a leg and see where it goes.


  1. Busy week for you...but your creations have not suffered:) The heart is so textural and earthy...and I always love what you do with my little pretties...especially the orbs. This one is so elegant!!

  2. Harry, I love both necklaces. The heart came out especially beautiful. My best wishes to your wife.

  3. Fabulous finish to a fabulous piece. Your neck treatments are as wonderful as the pendant.