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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thinking about design. Ideation 101

I love to browse through the listings on Ebay , Etsy, Ruby Lane , and other sites to discover the fuel for my imagination. I often borrow photos to work with in both photoshop and my sketch book. It helps me create new things from old. This heart is some one's hard work from the past. I wonder what they were thinking about when this was designed. To copy it exactly is easy but that does not add new ideation or substance to the world of art jewelry.
This heart informs us that texture juxtaposed to gloss is powerful. It is interesting. The forms contrast with undulation and roundness.
This little piece is just bad design to me and yet it created a thought stream in my mind about the flow of line that says heart.
This exuberant piece from the past says sun or star. To me it said etching, and with a little thinking and photoshop work it became the graphic below.
This will get transferred to PnP blue and set on copper or bronze for etching. Possibly bronze for the outer and copper for the tree making a two layer/ two color piece.
This is a page from a sketch book that is the result of thinking about the hearts above. From cast metal to wire work with the stroke of a pen.
This is what I call ideation the stream of consciousness thinking that leads from one place or object to another. Now I will try to realize the potential and create a piece of jewelry from the sketch.
Check back for a peek at how I make the heart . And put your thinking cap on.


  1. I really enjoyed peeking into your creative noggin for a bit, Harry! You are so inspirational to me.

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