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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lyrical Line In Copper

This is not so much a tutorial but an example of a ring made in what I call the Lyrical Line Form. A single piece of 10 gauge copper square wire from WireSculpture.com is used to create this piece.
Let your eye follow the sensuous  curve of the metal around the form.
No place has a sharp or square turn.
It is some what like the track of a roller coaster. This piece is not finished but the curves are in the final forms. To make a piece like this first anneal the wire and begin with 2 loops around the mandrel. Then let your mind show you where to move the metal.
The best way to proceed is to anneal after each big bend.
I chose to end by soldering the ends together . You can see that much work remains to straighten out the wires in the shank and to smooth small nicks and blemishes in the wire. Textures or coloring may occur. Two tools besides the torch were used. Parallel pliers and nylon jawed pliers. I will use rotary tools to finish the ring.


  1. Thank you I love working wire forms, it is so easy to anneal frequently and push the wire about.