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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Simple ring construction you can do.

These simple components and a drop or two of E-6000 glue can make a nice ring. The shank is from B'sue boutiques the prong mount from another vendor and this eye is from Van Dyke Taxidermy.

The first step is ti mark and pierce the rivet hole in both pieces. Next I add a little E-6000 glue to both parts and allow it to set for a minute. This will help the assembly hold together during riveting. Next place the rivet or eyelet up through the shank and put the crown mount on.

You can see the drop of glue has come through the hole. Set the rivet after letting the glue set for a couple minutes. Then place more glue around the edge of the mount and press in the focal. In this case I chose a yellow bobcat eye from a taxidermy supplier. Obviously any thing that will fit the mount with room to push the prongs over will work.

You can see I missed a bit on alignment of the pupil. A slight twist of the mount will correct this.

I chose to leave it as it gives a little character like a tilt to the head. And this is ready to list at Oscarcrow on Etsy. Simple quality components and just one rivet make a strong ring with minimal effort and labor cost..10 minutes or less.

Here is another possibility. A cigar band and a treasure box with an owl charm on top. I used 2 rivets on this. The box opens and closes with a magnetic catch

This one is in silver plate and pewter with a spike in place of the owl. It also is mounted crosswise for an unconventional look.

One last piece for today. In my last post you saw the copper form used here in a polished state. I looked at it the next morning and knew it could be better. I opened the curve and added the handmade raku beads after torching the form from the inside to bring up the color. These are raku pieces from a friend on Etsy  Wondrousstrange   she taught me how to make my own after I had bought some from her. I reserve hers for special pieces . http://www.etsy.com/shop/WondrousStrange?ref=top_trail  Check out her shop for wonderful items in raku. And of course Oscarcrow where I have about 250 raku beads and pendants http://www.etsy.com/shop/oscarcrow?section_id=11218924


  1. Youve got that artistic talant

  2. Love the last one with the copper and handmade raku beads!

  3. I love the form folded copper and Raku piece. That's actually the piece that first brought me into your etsy shop.