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Monday, November 12, 2012

Big Jump Rings And A Button Become A Bracelet

This little pile of things caught my eye this afternoon.  A Czech glass button some glass donuts and big jump rings.

The first step is to create units like this..simple and straight forward.

Keep adding elements until you have about 4 inches worth.

Do it again and then on the end large ring add a piece of wire thin enough to fit through the button back. In this case I used my Wubbers looping pliers and rolled a double ring on the end of the half hard gold filled wire.

As you finish with that slide the wire through the back of the button.

 I left enough room for the button to slide a little.
Then with the pliers again roll up a double ring.

Clip off the extra wire and be sure to roll the end to the center so it wont poke the wearer.

All that's left is to add the other side and attach a clasp. This fits a large wrist but by removing a ring or two it can be custom fit any wrist.

The materials used are 8 18mm heavy jump rings,12 10mm medium rings, and 6 glass rings plus the clasp and the button. A Quick and easy bracelet with a lot of color from the vintage glass.


  1. How does it clasp? Where do you get the glass rings and do you make your own jump rings. This is so pretty!

  2. Never mind. I see your clasp now. Very clever!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had been wondering how to work with the shank buttons. I wired up something but I think this will work better. (Found you via the lost-in-space studio challenge on Artisan Whimsy.)