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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making an apothecary or prayer ring

Starting with a prayer box and a cigar band ring shank we will create a simple art ring. The first step is to create a hole with punch or drill in the shank and to bottom of the box.

You can see the centered hole.

Next we have to remove the ring on top of the box. This box is pewter and soft so the side cutters remove it easily.

Next clip off the bail ring

Now it ready for the next step which is E-6000 glue. That's correct..we glue the hole in the shank and the bottom of the box as well as the flat center of the ring. Wait about 30 seconds then insert the rivet up through the ring and then position the shank an a ring mandrel to hold the rivet in place. Next position the box over the rivet and select the final position for the box. Let the glue set up. Then set the rivet.

Here you can see the rivet is flattened and with the glue it is going to hold the parts together very well.

And here is the final result ready for wear...total time was about 10 minutes and the cost under $8

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