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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A simple tool for setting stones.

One of my favorite techniques for handling small stones or parts is the wax stick. The form I prefer is beeswax. It is inexpensive and available from tool suppliers. in small tubes. I pull out a small inch long piece and form a cone on one end. The tip is slightly sticky and will hold well to glass, stone or diamond as well as most metals.

In this closeup you can see the slick cabochon of green glass stuck to the wax.

Presenting the mounting surface to a dribble of E-6000 glue is easy.

Sticking the glass cab to its new home is drama free with a wax stick. Once in place give it a few seconds to allow the glue to grab. Then twist the wax to break its hold on the cab.

Here is a closeup with a smear of glue on the foil back of a larger cab.

The piece requires a little cleanup after the stones are allowed to set..I wait for the next day with E-6000. Then polish off any leftover wax which will leave a nice sheen on most surfaces.

Here is the finished pendant.  It is made from components available through B'sue Boutiques or other suppliers. The wing is a floral ring shank and the bug is a cicada. The top set of legs from the bug are bent over the top of the wing and glued down. The Egyptian piece is glued to the bug.   I hope you enjoy this wax stick technique.

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