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Monday, August 6, 2012

Using a papercutter for metal and leather.

My daughter is starting her first job as a preschool teacher soon. I was at hobby lobby getting some scrap booking supplies to help her start to decorate her class room. I noticed a large selection of Sizzix cutter blocks. Foam covers the sharp parts and when placed in a Big Shot or similar machine press they cut out shapes. I  new she would not need this but I thought of all that embossed 30 gauge metal I made for another tutorial and realized it would be useful.

I ran this copper sheet through after embossing...and the leather followed.  The cutter handled the metal perfectly and the leather was a bit thick but cut cleanly. I immediately thought of a bracelet as the pieces are about 6 inches long.

In my parts stash was this wide cuff from B'sue Boutiques http://www.bsueboutiques.com/item/2-Inch-Raw-Brass-Curved-Cuff-8022 and sure enough both fit. I will have to work the metal a bit before I glue the row of houses down. I will share the results in a later post.

You might wonder why the houses caught my eye...well I make house beads for my Etsy shop Oscarcrow. Today this was my output from the kiln and dryer.

This closeup shows the various items ,from a classic repro of a head and an elephant to rabbits masks and Christmas ornaments plus some little dog pendants. The house beads were fired through the final stage, these were in bisque...

And these are raw wet clay fresh from the molds. These days are very busy, the German doll diggers are in full swing with many sales up and so I am importing all I can afford. Today 30 animals arrived and were sorted and photographed. Tomorrow more molds will be made and new items created. I hope to get some design time in as well.

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  1. Harry, you are a creative genius! Thanks so much for sharing these with us!