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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Follow up on the Santa

So here he is all dressed in holiday red..

The contours were smoothed before firing for the first time and then 4 coats of red glaze was put on the bisque figure.

His smile is toothless but very happy and you can see how the bottom of the robe was formed over the shoes.

He looks up slightly as if asking to be picked up.

Fired in the same kiln was this little comical chicken in a red hat, a reproduction of a storybook character from 1850s Germany.

I am not sure what the sculptor was thinking here but it reminds me of the Cheshire cat from Alice. Also a vintage  German reproduction.

This is one of my latest creations..gas mask pendants. Each is hand made over a cast doll head. None are alike. All these are available through my shop www.etsy/shop/oscarcrow


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