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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I heard a crash...

I was working on my computer this morning and I heard the oddest noise..the sound of a nail being pulled out of wood then CRASH!!! My first thought was to count the cats..usually a crash is preceded by Neville climbing..but they were all napping. When I went down to the basement to find the cause I saw this in my overloaded little jewelry room. Sometimes a little mess grows until it needs attention..but dramatic change is not my favorite way to get the job accomplished. 

After 3 hours of decon, and part and tool sorting the place was bare again in this corner. Knowing the other bench did not work the best I decided to compromise by using available items and create a small space that would work for a while.

This is the result. The cabinets can be accessed now directly and they hold the many things that clogged the work space. I also tossed many pounds of stuff that accumulates. I have to find some of the tools in the boxes I filled but at least I can create again. Tomorrow I will do what I had planned for this afternoon and part of that will show you what I made with some brass scraps and a broken doll head.

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  1. The brass scraps and broken doll head sound really interesting!