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Thursday, June 28, 2012

From a scrap of unwanted metal...

This seemingly useless piece of brass was given to me with a suggestion that I try to make something with it. There were about 20 just like it in the package. Probably a cut off or left over from a stamping process.

First up I annealed the metal to allow me to unfold it. The secret to the process is simple..heat the metal to a dull red or a little beyond..and then allow it to cool to black before plunging it into water.

After cooling it is ready to unfold and if properly annealed will work like soft wire.

. Once unfolded it looked like this. The tool I chose is a crosspein hammer the rounded wedge tip makes a stretching in the metal when striking the brass on an iron or steel surface.

The result is this and since I had many more I repeated the process 3 times. Two pieces were very similar and I saw a pair of wings...it could have been leaves, but I was thinking of wings...so I had a pair and riveted them together.  

This is the result a somewhat birdlike form. Very organic to my eye. I had just made a Putti figure in ceramics and this led me to the next conclusion

 This face was the right size and I love the dreamy expression. With a little careful grinding on the back of the ceramic piece and a generous glob of E-6000 the two become one.
Two holes were punched to accomodate a neck chain and it is finished. Recycling what might not be the first choice for a saleble piece has led to an arty neck focal piece. Next time I will work on making a hand made necklace to support the angelic face.


  1. i love it! THE FACE IS SO PRETTY!

  2. Harry, this piece is amazingly beautiful. You have such a great designers eye for seeing possibilities for almost anything! I really enjoy learning from your blog.