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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saying goodbye to a creation

I made this piece last year or the year before and it has been in my Etsy shop for all this time...just enough time to find a buyer today. As I was boxing it up I stopped to see all the little details that I had applied and was feeling a little sad to see this brain child leave home.

I know that is silly because I made it for someone to buy, I made it for someone to enjoy and yet a little part of me was selfishly saying..I don't want to let go.

The truth is that while a little of me is in this piece..I am enriched by being able to share it with the buyer and at the same time know that I have created this little theater of mechanical bits to enrich someone else's fantasy.

I look at it and know it will not be recreated as it is a one off micro sculpture. And even though I have the same pieces I would not make the same selections and finish the second time around. I have grown and changed and its time to say goodbye . I hope the new owner has as much fun wearing my art as I did making it.

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  1. I sympathize - I feel that way EVERY time I sell something - each piece is part of me! It's a lovely piece!