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Monday, May 7, 2012

Bead Hoarders Beware A Cautionary Tale

A company called "a grain of sand" is selling off the contents of a warehouse in a promotion where one may subscribe for 1 month ,3 or even 1 year. I have a gamblers soul but with a small bit of common sense so I chose  the 1 month for $39. This is the load that arrived in a small priority flat rate box. Taking up most of the space in the box was a sack of sea urchin spines. Top right of this first picture. Just below are 48 "silver tone chains with spring rings". Just below that is the best of the lot a small package of Czech glass tin polished bi cone beads.

Moving over to the main pile we have a set of ivory colored heavy plastic beads, a few deformed plastic cabs, 4 purple glass cabs, and a gold colored heavy pendant. Also the featured item for the month is 2 Bakelite beads with wire loops. Much of the rest is cheap plastic beads all of which have surface flaws...looks like the sweeps from a factory warehouse floor.

The final little group contains some coppery metal leaves and connectors ,some white plastic chandelier drops, two tubes of seed beads and a nice blue glass faux gem. The real story here is a cautionary tale...grab bags are less likely to hold what we really want and more likely to have what no one wants. Now I don't blame anyone but myself including the company that sold this vintage trash. They delivered exactly what they claimed to offer...a box of stuff from the past. Gambling with your creative money is not a good thing. I will of course try to make my money back..anyone need some blue plastic UFO beads?  Have I got such a deal for you. Be creative. Next time we will have a metal folding project. See you then.


  1. Oh dear I don't think I would buy that lot, I guess you won't be getting another months worth!
    I have a give away on my bog you are welcome to take a look if you get a minute.

  2. Blue plastic ufo beads? How much?

  3. Im interested. I want to order some.

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