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Friday, January 6, 2012

Simple steampunk watch case ring with roses.

The basic components for this type of ring are a vintage watch case with back and a suitable decoration, plus your favorite ring shank. I chose a cigar band in silver plate from http://www.bsueboutiques.com/item/Cigar-Band-Style-Ring-5533 and a resin floral bar from there as well. They also carry watch cases from time to time in this style.

The first step is to cut off the ends of the decorative bar so it will fit inside the watch case.

Next rivet the case to the shank. I like to use this technique for getting good position on the holes. Punch the first one then rivet it then punch through the ring into the second ensuring an accurate fit.

Next fit the flower decoration into the base and sand or file the top edges to fit the watch case top. As you can see there is a cutout for the stem of the watch to protrude. If you turn the top around so its notch is on the opposite side you wont have a hole into the case. Of course you could fit a crown to a stem and drill through the cab inside and glue it in place for added decoration.

You can see here that the top covers the bottom notch completely.

The resin is easily filed to fit the opening and it makes a nice little accent in the ring.

I used some E-6000 glue to set the flower and to fix the top onto the case.

And its ready for sale...10 minutes tops and sure to be profitable. If you find a silver or gold filled watch case adding a sterling shank would up the panache. And since the strap lugs are still there you could add personal adornments like ribbon or charms to the case.

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  1. Oh Harry excellent tutorial. I have a few of those flower bases and I was wondering what to do with them. Thanks!