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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Carnelian and filigree ring

These parts surfaced on my work bench this morning and I immediately knew what to do. A simple 10 minute ring. The base is the floral shank from http://www.bsueboutiques.com/item/Floral-Ring-5276 The filigree is a mystery to me...I bought it from some one a long time back and it has sat there laughing along with about 2000 other pieces..but today I picked it up and found a stone..real stone...carnelian cabochon in 18x25mm that fit right in. I emphasise real stone because alot of people are using cheap looking but expensive glass or acrylic cabs...this cost 3.00. The same size in decent Czech glass was 4.50. I see no reason to go to artificial costume materials when they are more expensive than the real thing. Unless the color is better.

First step was to punch a hole to rivet the base on. I used my http://www.metalclayfindings.com/product/1000130.aspx rivet and punch tool.

A matching hole is punched in the floral ring.

Then riveted on as you may be able to see here. To set a rivet with this tool you just turn the T-handle and form the head. Neat and quick.

Then after lining up the two components a second hole is punched again by turning the handle.

As you can see this leaves a neat clean and tiny head. Ready for the stone to drop in and to set the prongs.
Stone in place and ready to go.  Let me introduce you to my trusty 40 year old prong pusher.

An essential and simple tool. Actually you can use a piece of hard wood or a clothes pin...anything that will push the prong over onto the stone.

Notice that a few on the left are started then a few on the right..then a few top and bottom . This order will insure the stone is evenly set and doesn't move. I always start on the long side to lock in then around the clock skipping a few each time.

The end result is a nicely set cabochon.

Under the daylight in my light box the stones color is a bit cooler and the whole piece looks a little like Victorian Morning jewelry.

The top is 2.25 inches long and sits on the hand very lightly.Because it is curved it is comfortable.

Its off to Etsy to see if someone else wants to have a little Victorian elegance.

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  1. just beautiful..... some how I do not have such beautiful things lying around my work space.....you always make it look easy.