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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Earrings mounting made simple.

 Last time I showed you these earring mountings. I hope by showing you a new to you old tool of mine, the ring clamp, I can give you confidence to set stones yourself. This ring clamp is 40 years old and is still available through RioGrande and other tool suppliers. It has leather jaws that won't mar the finish on the mountings. A wedge is pushed into the bottom of the tool to secure the mounting.

 This lever back is ready with stone dropped in and sitting flat. You can use almost any thing to push the prongs down over the stone. I use the rubber handles of a pair of pliers. Start in one spot then cross to the opposite side. Then repeat. Push the prong down smoothly to sit against the stone.
 You can see the prongs tight against the crystal. No glues are involved, just the prongs.
 To set a post back, I moved to a side position in the clamp.
 Here is the cup toll from my last post set to fold down the prongs all at once. It is fast and even.
 After one push and a bit of rocking these are set for good.
 This is Swarovski's newest snowflake design with matching mount.  There are 3 prongs to hold the star shaped snowflake.
 Holes around the base allow for wiring or stitching this setting to your project. I chose a head pin with a heart and started a loop on top.
 Finishing the loop and wrap with looping pliers.
 The finished unit ready for stone and hooks.
Here I held the mounting in my hand and pressed with a wooden stick against the 3 prongs Which fold into grooves on the snowflake. 
 You will notice I clipped off the first pin and added a 4mm crystal round to add a bit of extension.
20 minutes, 12 39ss 8.5mm Swarovski custom aftermarket round chatons, 2 snowflakes and mountings are all set.  Simple, profitable and attractive pieces ready to list. Give them a try. The clamp is available here http://www.jewelrysupply.com/Ring-Clamp-Nylon_p_11432.html


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