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Monday, September 8, 2014

Some musing and projects from summer to share with you.

 It's been a good summer. Busy with all kinds of projects and gathering both new and vintage materials. Also a lot of ceramic work in handmade and molded items.  These filigree pieces were sold to me as Miriam Haskell components. Certainly vintage what ever the origin. I acquired a large lot of fine findings all from the 1940-1970 vintage. They are more delicate and filled with lovely details. The aged patina on these is a coppery gold and to make them into something new I simply added bronze ear wires.
 This transforms them into earrings and doesn't alter the original permanently. If a buyer were to buy these and toss the hooks and say make a bracelet, well that would be fine. That is the beauty of making simple things that can appeal on one level as jewelry but be available to become in some other person's hands something else.
 These are a few of my ceramic pieces from the recent past. I have fired and sold all but the Mother Nature piece. I am still trying to decide on what colors to use and whether to make a realistic or wild colored piece.She wont be a one only but part of a small series of doll adaptations with animals and cherubs. The doll is from an antique mold from around 1890. The birds are from a 1962 mold and remind me of Disney birds from cartoons.
 I featured two of them in these earrings. The nests are commercial wire beads in steel. The birds are glued to the nest with E-6000 and wired to steel hooks.
 This is a project from a group that promotes Bsueboutiques.com Conceived on a Wednesday and finished by Friday. It has several layers of filigrees with the head pins sandwiched in between the layers. Color was added with Adirondack Inks and Lumiere paints. The skull is my handmade addition to the commercial components.
This is another piece labeled as Haskell. I know its well made and will be worked into a necklace soon. The old finish has acquired some dark patina in spots and that will have to be modified before I can add color to this leaf and flower.  As we move on into fall I will have some more seasonal pieces from my imagination to share with you.


  1. Nice projects Harry. Love the birds nests

  2. Great pieces Harry! I love those earrings.......so elegant!