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Friday, May 30, 2014

Part of the whole greater than whole? Well come take a look

 Somethings wrong with this picture, right? The bottom is gone from the frame Separated with a jewelers saw .
 What was just sitting there on that frame has been wrapped around a ring mandrel. Because it is high quality Silver plated brass with an elegant finish, I used a rawhide hammer to form it around the mandrel. Setting the partially bent ring on a wood block and using the mandrel to hold it down while pounding with the mallet on the ends draws it around without marks.
 The lovely detail could work for man or woman.
 Even the ends seem better suited to a ring than a frame.
 This piece makes a larger size ring about a size 9-12 adjustable.
The original came from Dr Brassy's new supply store on Etsy. I think I will cut up the rest and see what other forms emerge. The whole is nice but the parts are more numerous and in this case more fun. Give a new look at your stampings with an eye to finding the puzzle pieces. They are there. Don't forget to smooth the cut edges and polish them for a smooth fit.

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