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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Follow up on the cross project

 The first step in adding embellishments was to glue on a heart over the etched one. Then a rose was also added with E-6000 glue.Glass half drilled Haskell stock pearls were added by piercing the cross and using headpins and glue. The head pin was clipped to a length that equaled the metal thickness and the pearls depth.

The next step was to add jeweled headpins along the top of the cross. Glue was added just below the head and the wires folded tight behind and glued down to the cross. Wings and a silver crucifix were added as were beads with roses,some glass and a pair of skull beads. Finally a brass cross was glued and riveted on the back to cover the wires and add some strength.

 This view shows the embellishments and the chain to hang the cross on a wall. Of course it could be worn with a chain ans a necklace.
The back view showing some of the rivets and holes to be filled.

The whole project was easy to do and because the style is folk inspired there are really no rules. Looking back I will make the top of heavier material next time and perhaps be more lavish with the etching.
Give Milagros Cross making a try. Maybe it will foster a miracle for you

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