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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hardware Store Bracelet

 I was shopping at Home Depot for some paint and saw this refrigeration tubing. 10 feet for $8 It is pure copper with a diameter inside of 1/4 inch. Using a tubing cutter I cut a 7 inch length.
 The cutter uses a wheel to compress and cut through the tubing as you rotate the cutter around the tubing and tighten the knob.
 This tool leaves a smooth end that has a bevel.
 I used a texture hammer to flatten and texture the tubing.
 After annealing the tube with a torch I formed it to the oval mandrel.
 Further hammer work to flatten the ends and sanding the ends smooth finishes the cuff. You could stop there or add any embellishment, color, polish or texture to complete your design.
 I had this Stamping from www.bsueboutiques.com so I decided to rivet this to the bracelet. Using the Beadsmith EZ-rivet tool to punch the holes.
 I finished off the rivets with a nail set and a hammer on my dapping block.
With the stamping mounted this project is done. I will revisit this tubing in future blog posts. It is a good cheap copper resource.


  1. Awesome tut Harry~ Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Bookmarking this for future reference.

  2. Harry love it! May I ask what patina you did on the cameo

  3. Hmmm refrigeration tubing here I come

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  6. hola desde Chile quisiera saber como le hago para que el cobre no me deje ese color verdoso después de un tiempo usando la pulsera, gracias,

  7. Hola Marcelino, Copper wont turn green unless it comes into contact with acid. Wax like Renaissance Wax or Jewelry Shield would protect the jewelry from acid and prevent the skin from being green.

  8. Did that tool make the hole? Nice Bracelet