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Friday, April 26, 2013

Follow up on the angel project

 This is the final form I created from the original piece. While it is very contemporary still the original artists work is seen now highly colored.
 Starting a new project with wet clay castings of a doll that has no arms or legs and a doll with no head. First I cut off and trim the left arm to fit the waif doll.
 Next I remove the legs leaving part of the skirt in place.
 The shiny wet liquid clay on the knife is called slip. It is the glue that binds the part together.
 The right arm is added with slip showing in the join.
 Next the base is trimmed to fit up the skirt. It too is joined with slip.
 Here she is ready for finishing work after sitting for an hour to firm up.
Finally she is in the kiln ready for a second firing. Next time I think I will make her barefoot with another body and maybe add wings. I can never have too many angels.

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