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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Simple ring from an unexpected stamping.

This arrow finding from bsueboutiques.com is always an interesting form but because it is 5 inches long finding a use can be a challenge. Since rings are always one of my favorites..that is what we will make. The first step is to anneal the piece. Heat it to a glowing red and let it cool slightly then quench and you are ready to bend.

Using a ring mandrel and a rawhide mallet Bend the tail around the mandrel about half way.

When you get this far you may find that the metal is very pliable and need only finger pressure to complete the bend.

Keep rolling and reverse the ring on the mandrel to eliminate any taper.

 At this stage if you are making the ring for your self you could glue or solder the arrowhead in place after adjusting the size to fit. If it is for sale..then wait to do that after the customer decides what size. A piece this big can fit from size 5-15 easily.
The finished piece fits over the ring finger comfortably and of course you could curve it on around so the point lies next to the shank. Embellishments can be added as well including patina or a spray finish. I plan to just seal the surface as I like the dark fire color.
The point of this is not just to show how to use this arrow but to get you thinking about other forms that can become a ring. Have fun creating.


  1. It's beautiful! Is that the color the torch gives it? If you wanted it to remain it's original color what would you do?

  2. I think to get it to original color you would buff it.

  3. What a unique way to use that arrow! thanks for sharing, Harry.