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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wire wrapped flower

Wire wrapping is a fun and easy way to create your own focal. In this case I am starting with some acrylic drops and a decorative brass ring. For wrapping I chose 22 gauge round dead soft silver filled wire. You of course can do this with any wire and even make your own ring from heavy wire. Depending on the size of the components you may need up to 3 feet of wire. This 15 mm ring required about 2 feet.

The first step is to wrap the wire through and around the ring tightly 3 times. Next string on a bead and place it in the correct orientation with the tip on the edge of the ring. If you are using a round or faceted bead it can be on top of the ring or at the edge. Its up to you..after all you are the designer.

Continue wrapping and adding beads.

When you have loaded all the beads you can fit its time to stabilize the form. I chose to alternate wrapping around the base of each bead..over one wrap around and behind the next giving an alternating weave of one-two-one

When you have finished this step you may need to tighten the final wraps by pushing down toward the ring and finish off the ends by tucking in the ends around the ring.

This is almost ready to add to whatever project you have in mind. I have yet to go around and push in the last wraps..it could be added to a pin or backed with a filigree...the possibilities are endless. Give wire wrapping a try, its easy and uses very little material. I spent about 20 minutes doing this...it was my first time working with long drops..doing this with round beads goes much faster. Finer wrapping wire will work as well and colored craft wire that matches or contrasts with the other elements can give a great look.


  1. Love your tutes Harry. Endless possibilities with this one.

  2. So simple yet so amazing. Thanks as always, Harry, for sharing your knowledge.