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Friday, March 4, 2011

The long reach riveting system

I am blogging without pictures today because my main computer went nuts this afternoon. I think the hard drive is going out. Any way what I have for today is sort of a review of a tool that is sold by Crafted findings it is a hole punch and rivet system for semi tubular rivets. It works great. When I can get pictures back I will post some of it in action. The big difference between this unit and the smaller ones from craft stores is the depth and thickness that the jaws on this unit have. I was able to punch holes in 25x18 crown mounts with 1/4 inch deep bezels. Something the little punches cant do. Also this is easy on the hands. It should be mounted in a vise so your hands are free to hold the various pieces of metal when you punch or rivet. Hopefully by tommorrow i will have photoshop on this computer and have the photos to explain this fine product.

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  1. Harry! I have this riveting system that I bought to put holes into things to make them into charms. I am delighted with what you have contributed to us here! I need to get a vise, but that is so EASY.
    Thank you!

    I have a question that I am going to email to you. It has pictures and I don't quite know how to attach that here. Thank you so much!