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Monday, January 3, 2022

Two new pieces made in the last week. First a pair of earrings featuring components from Bsueboutiques.com. Silver plated brass hearts and Glass beads with pewter spacers.


This necklace is copper wire 18 gauge round and some 22 gauge for the weaving. It surrounds a glass bead made by Laura Walters (Magpie Glassworx). The neckline is a combination of Glass and acrylic beads from Allegory Gallery and has an additional length of fine copper chain for a total length of 24 inches.


Sunday, December 12, 2021

 These are some recent pieces I have created. I am working more with beads right now.  The necklace is made from a mix called Song of India. It was available from Bsueboutiques.com. The other components were also from that site.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I have had an exciting year with many challenges
One of the best activities I have been involved with is the Bsueboutiques group on face book.
By participating each week in 2 show and tell sessions, Work Table Wednesday and Finished up Friday, I have filled my shop with jewelry.     

The pair of earrings above is an example of recent design work. These are meant to resemble Victorian jewelry. 
Made with modern elements I have achieved a slightly historic look. These still need some changes, primarily in changing jump rings to match in color.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Finding beauty in left over pieces of jewelry components

 These are watch backs from Bsueboutiques.com
About an inch in diameter I bought some for creative purposes. When they arrived my first thought was to make one into a bracelet.
 Leftover bits of rolo chain and a clasp with a few jump rings complete the basics.
 This beautiful ceramic rose fits perfectly into the watch back.
 This makes an attractive combination.
 Holes were punched through the watch back to accommodate the jump ring.
 The jump rings make a smooth transition to the chain.
 E-6000 glue will make a strong bond between the roses and the metal.
All finished with a lobster claw and a jump ring to accept it. A quick project and a nice result. Re-purposing old parts works.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

 To follow up on the making of the Ostrich cabochon I am in the shop using a roary tool to cut down the shell. First I mounted a diamond cutting wheel in the Dremel.
 I hold the Dremel against the bench pin and rotate the shell against the bottom side of the wheel. I use the bottom as it throws the ground off bits away from me.
 After cutting very close to the line traced on the inside of the shell with a sharpie, I have switched to a fiber cutting wheel as it is less aggressive. I check frequently the fit with the bezel as I sand it down. Finally it fits easily into the bezel.
Lots of labor and the result is a bit bland in this bright light. But the natural opalescence of the shell will show.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Ostrich Egg Shell Cabochon

 I bought an Ostrich egg to make a slump mold for my ceramic work. After casting the inside of the thick end of the egg, I had lots of material to do something else with. I immediately thought of making a cabochon.. I traced around the outside of an open back bezel with a sharpie.
 Next I cut through the line with a small rotary diamond wheel. Any rotary tool with a diamond bit can handle the thick egg shell quickly.
Now I have a rough and slightly oversize oval about 30x40 mm. This will get pared down to fit the bezel. Next time I will show how I complete the shape.

Monday, March 5, 2018

 Hi Folks. Been a while. I have found many things to keep me busy and I have felt bad about not posting for so long. Last May 26 I had a stroke which made my eyes work very poorly, not together. I had to retrain them to see well enough to read. I learned to walk with a walker for a while and still have balance and dizziness issues. And tremors. For a jewelry maker, the tremors are the most time consuming condition. I can spend a minute trying to close a jump ring. So to force that away I chose to start doing more beading. Crazy , right? But when I run into a challenge I work hard to work around it. And that has carried over into my photography. I found a new camera that has 5 way image stabilization. That suppresses the tremors quite well.
 I shot this Eagle in a tree near the nest. Handheld 600mm in a high wind. You can see the feathers in disarray on the eagle.
 Part of the practical application of my self therapy is making earrings. The challenge is to combine a few elements into an interesting presentation. To this end I have been shopping at https://www.bsueboutiques.com/ Where I can buy quality components from the B'sue by 1928 section. The pewter wings are from there. The beads also are from Bsue. You can find great quality and a massive selection of interesting components for your art.
I also mix natural stone beads with jeweled roundels and vintage glass pearls.
Pewter bunnies and Czech glass components make designing both fun and profitable.

I hope to post more often in the near future.
My collection of mostly one of a kind jewelry is available at


I also carry vintage components and antique dolls from around the world.