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Monday, March 18, 2013

Lace and skulls

This project began with a neck plate and some old lace. I punched a few holes along the bottom and then sprayed a section of the lace with adhesive. After it set up for a minute I pressed the metal onto the lace and adjusted the pattern.

After drying overnight the lace was sprayed with glossy lacquer which helps set the adhesion and seal the finish on the rusty black metal. The edges were then trimmed.

The next component is an acrylic flower in black and a smaller one in red with a silver headpin to hold it all together.

To help the flowers sit properly I filed the bases flat.

 No need to explain this...shove the headpin through the flowers and add a drop of glue to the black flowers base.
Holes punched through the metal take the headpin and then wrap the wire over the back and around the base of the flower. Trim the left over end close to the base and tuck in the end.

This is what the back looks like with the wire coming out of the hole and over the top.

First one is mounted and now the second is ready with a drop of E-6000 on the base.

With all three mounted it is time to add the skulls.

Start with a headpin and  the looping pliers.

Make a loop about half way.

Push the wire through the neck plate and finish the wrap here. Do the same for the smaller heads and finish off the whole piece with a black chain.

Here is the finished piece.


  1. cool! Love how you did the lace on the crescent. Did you make the skulls?

    1. The skulls are commercial dyed magnesite a soft rock.

  2. that's really cool, Harry, totally my style too, I love using lace :)